CIG | Piping Technology

We develop our products with a focus on maximum safety, reliability and performance. We offer our customers in numerous industries a comprehensive service based on needs and applications.


Whether shipping lines, shipyards or system providers – customers in the shipbuilding industry throughout Europe trust us as a reliable, strategic partner for modern pipe production and for ambitious piping solutions in projects of all sizes. We are able to serve all types of ships, including dry freighters, RoRo ferries, tankers, dredgers, cruise ships, yachts and marine vessels. With over 20 years of experience in the sector, we stand by our customers right from the start. From individual planning, to production and assembly of prefabricated spools through to project management, we bring your specific requirements into line with the technical process standards and legal provisions.

Our services in shipbuilding

  • Pipespool prefabrication
  • Pipe installation
  • Production of series parts for systems on ships
  • Pressure vessels with class acceptance
  • Modules/Skids
  • Sub-assemblies for BWTS
  • Sub-assemblies for LNG systems

Your benefits

  • Industry-specific, specialist skills
  • Modern technologies and production capacity
  • Individual projects processed reliably
  • Efficient processes and prefabrication
  • Work safety and process security

Process industry

CIG Piping Technology GmbH manufactures complete solutions adapted especially to customer requirements for pipelines in the construction of process facilities. We guarantee solutions to individual problems with the highest productivity by using the latest production technologies, deploying efficient and effective pipeline assembly and providing extensive service and trade know-how.

Our services in constructing process industry

  • Prefabrication of pipespools and pipelines
  • Manufacture of functional modules/skids
  • Production technology for pipe deformation, extruding, beading
  • Pipe assembly, e.g. in decentralised power generation plant, Gen-Sets etc.
  • Production of pressure vessels to AD2000 and/or DNVGL, LR etc.

Industrial plant

CIG Piping Technology GmbH has been a reliable partner for prefabricating pipes in various branches of industry for many years now. Whether in oil systems, gas plants, chemical facilities or power stations – we offer the economic construction of pipelines whilst using the latest production methods.

Our services in constructing industrial plant

  • Prefabrication of pipespools and pipelines
  • Pipe systems subject to acceptance made to the testing regulations of authorities or customers
  • Testing accompanying production, coating, delivery and documentation

Renewable energies

We deploy our many years of experience in pipespool prefabrication in the different sectors involved in renewable energies. We plan and implement applications reliably and on-schedule. Thanks to our optimised production process, we are able to fulfil the most stringent quality requirements in the production of tested, ready-to-install piping products.

Our services in renewable energies

  • Production of pipespools and manifolds for all kinds of systems
  • Production of serial parts, e.g. for cooling systems in wind turbines