The Company

CIG | Piping Technology

CIG Piping Technology has established itself as an expert with modern manufacturing options to produce ready-to-install pipelines, modules and plant parts for ships, process facilities and wind power stations belonging to customers from different industries in North-West Europe.

Our core competence is the production of piping according to customer specifications and drawings. All planning departments in our engineering division work closely together for this purpose. Detailed planning compiled with the latest CAD systems is essential for smooth production.

The company currently employs around 80 well-qualified people. It works with optimised processes that are permanently checked and evaluated. These are approved by international classification societies. We ensure our quality with the help of our quality system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

A look back …

In order to expand the existing range to take in prefabricated piping (prefabed pipespools), the Dutch Central Industry Group (CIG) founded the SHIPPIPE BREMEN GmbH company in November 1997.

As a specialised service provider for manufacturing pipelines and plant parts on ships, operations initially started with 10 experienced workers. The target groups were exclusively wharfs in Germany and the Netherlands that constructed new vessels.

Over the following years, business activities increased continually, SHIPPIPE BREMEN GmbH grew and the range of services was extended. The company was renamed CIG Piping Technology GmbH in April 2014 as part of a rebranding process. The production areas in Bremen were doubled, machines and equipment were added and new technologies tested and implemented in order to manufacture competitive products for customers …

New paths flexible and innovative towards the future

Further developments are part of the daily routine at CIG Piping Technology and are a fundamental factor in our success.

We have supported the shipbuilding industry for many years now in taking on technical, operative and ecological challenges. Our interest in all new developments and closeness to our customers have continually led to expansions of the range. We react flexibly and reliably to changes and are delighted to face up to new challenges in order to accompany our customers down the road to innovation and development.