CIG | Piping Technology

We are your competent partner when it comes to pipeline assembly and the planning and manufacturing of pipeline elements. On this page you will find information about our range of services.

Pipespool production

Flexible and economic piping solutions

As reliable and professional experts, we supply our customers with prefabricated, ready-to-install pipelines. Pipespools are manufactured to customer specifications and to recognised standards in our certified works in Bremen. In close cooperation with our customers and with the involvement of high-performance, well-qualified partners, we resolve all questions of detail and develop an optimised package of services. We stand for quality, commitment, short delivery times and competitive solutions.

In the range of dimensions from DN12 to DN1000, we process all common metals for applications in shipbuilding, various sectors of plant construction and industry in general.

  • Processes perfectly attuned to each other ensure quality and delivery dates
  • Numerous approvals and appraisals: EN 3834-2, ISO 9001:2015, DNVGL, DIN 2303
  • Efficiency at the highest level: 3-D detail design in CADMATIC for basic and detail design
  • Capacity planning: detailed production documents and piece lists to control orders
  • Great flexibility in cutting, deforming and welding the components due to our extensive stock of machinery
  • Reliable material tracing to ensure a smooth manufacturing process
  • Certified quality management: documentation and a permanent review of processes
  • Servicing and safety: in-house checks, such as pressure, RT, PT, US
  • Documentation for reliable production and processing of pipes

You can find information on our raw production products under:
Pipespools according to isometric drawing
Process pipelines

Skid construction

We construct functional skids/modules exactly to customer specifications and drawings in our works in Bremen. We do this working to clearly defined processes under the supervision of trained project managers in coordination with our customers. We take over the customer’s 3-D design and compile all the necessary documents in our 3-D CAD system. Tests, acceptances and the documentation complete our package of services. We turn around piece weights of up to 20 tons and dimensions for the maximum truck transport in-house. It is also possible to load parts onto inland ships or even sea-going vessels.

  • Compact execution: design mounted on steel frames / steel structures
  • Prefabrication by assembling the pipelines, tanks, equipment and components
  • If requested, we prepare and take on the electrical cabling
  • Surface controls, coating work and colour coating
  • Skids assembled, including insulation
  • Installation testing: functional tests and acceptances according to specifications
  • Extensive testing and documentation in accordance with customer stipulations

You can find information on our module construction products under:

Pressure vesseles

CIG – Customized manufactures in batch size 1

CIG Piping Technology GmbH designs and produces tested pressure vessels conform to the individual requirements and specifications of our customers – application-related and product-oriented. The latest production technologies, quality management with the relevant accompanying documents and well-trained staff guarantee quality and a smooth production process.

  • Manufacturing range: one-off construction through to small series products with single acceptances
  • Production according to PED – AD2000 or DNVGL
  • Available up to around 5,000 litres
  • Material = C-steel P235, P355 and CrNi-steel 1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4571
  • Specification, calculation and detailed design
  • Material procurement and production
  • Non-destructive testing of welded seams and pressure testing of the finished vessels
  • Acceptances in accordance with specifications
  • Vessel documentation

You can find information on pressure vessel products under:
Pressure vessels

Pipe installation

Professional solutions

With many years of experience and an excellent knowledge of the shipbuilding industry, the assembly of pipelines is part of the range of services offered by CIG Piping Technology GmbH. Professional pipe assembly and different tests on connection points are fundamental factors in the quality of technical equipment in industry and shipbuilding.

  • Assembly of pipelines for various operating systems on-board ships
  • Assembly of prefabricated pipelines in accordance with the assembly drawing and P&I diagram, including manufacture of the fitting pipes
  • Laying small pipelines as a press system made from different metals and plastics in accordance with the P&I diagram
  • Testing of retention, connections, proper sealing and pressure-resistance as well as handover to the customer and the classification society
  • Product quality is ensured by throughgoing quality assurance

Serial parts

Piping elements in large numbers

We continuously produce serial parts (such as cooling water pipes and manifolds) in numbers of up to 1,000 pieces p.a., made of metals for various applications on ships and in technical facilities. We can thereby fall back on many years of know-how in pipe processing and use optimised processes for production.

  • Automated welding procedure
  • Optimised processes
  • Own production of construction gauges
  • High-performance partners
  • All testing performed in-house
  • Short delivery times

You can find information on our serial parts products under:
Serial parts


Planning pipelines ready for execution

Detailed engineering is the last phase of planning before a project is implemented.

Once the technical process plans for pipelines in shipbuilding have been virtually concluded, we compile execution plans on the basis of 3-D CAD systems. These plans take account of the craft of instrumentation and control engineering and of pipeline technology and enable the project to be completed.

  • Derivation and compilation of isometric pipe drawings from a CADMATIC 3-D model according to customer specifications
  • Data transfer
  • Elaboration of design ready for production