CIG – Technology, processes and machinery

As experts in pipe processing, the latest technologies and machinery are the basis for us to ensure excellent products. We continuously develop these together with our customers. We plan and manufacture using optimised processes and techniques, which provide us with flexible solutions for customer-specific requirements.

We process the correct materials for every requirement, such as:

  • Carbon-steel
  • Stainless-steel
  • Duplex
  • CuNi10Fe
  • Copper
  • Aluminium
  • GRE/GRP pipes and Titanium also available in special cases

Detail design, work preparation and planning

By deploying CAD/CAM software (Isobuilder), we generate production data on the basis of the data supplied to us by our customers – from simple, hand-made drawings through to complex 3-D models (Cadmatic). Piece lists and work plans are likewise generated automatically.

Labelling of components

In order to unambiguously identify all components or manufacturing parts in a production process, these are marked with stick-on labels. Finished parts and components are therefore clearly marked before delivery, matching the packing lists and delivery papers, for reliable identification.

CIG – production technology

Pipe cutting

Saw cuts with belt saws, orbital saws and a 3-D plasma pipe cutting system ensure that pipes with a diameter of 6 mm to 1,016 mm and a wall thickness of up to 20 mm are cut cleanly and evenly.

Pipe bending

The latest pipe bending machines bring the workpiece into the required shape. The maximum bending freedom for pipe deformation with mandrel bending machines is pipe diameters from 12 mm to 168.3 mm (6“) and with a wall thickness up to around 12.5 mm, see summary. Three bending machines, on the basis of the latest CNC production technology, ensure flexible bending options. The bending programs are transmitted directly to the machines from the work preparation department via our in-house Intranet.

Pipe deformation

Pipe extrusions likewise belong to our manufacturing range of pipe deformation: extruding pipes for branches and beading pipe ends to produce a flange-tight area, without welding. CrNi and CuNiFe pipes with a diameter up to 168.3 mm (6“) can be deformed.


When it comes to welding technology, CIG Piping Technology GmbH guarantees high quality, good productivity and precise reproducibility. The company has the accessories, equipment and machinery for the following purposes:

  • Manual welding on rotating/tilting fittings for all materials
  • Orbital welding for pipe diameters from 8 to 114.3 mm (4“) with welding additives
  • Automatic welding / orbital welding systems to produce weld seams with welding additives / pipe diameters from 20 to 324 mm (12“)

CIG – quality and quality assurance

Quality is decisive for the success of CIG Piping Technology GmbH and, for that reason, it is our top priority. We constantly strive to achieve this goal through continuous improvements in quality, economy and adherence to deadlines. Our workforce is the cornerstone for achieving our success. All our employees are therefore involved in the unambiguous description of all business processes, in collegiality and good communication throughout the company and in the regular review of our performance.

Internal production controls by our own quality assurance staff and welding supervisors as well as external controls by accredited societies to check the material and weld seams (which are done in-house) enable flexible working and short throughput times.

Material is procured through an ERP system. Tidy storage – including materials provided by customers – as well as the allocation to orders and certificates is ensured and is documented systematically.


As an undertaking certified to EN ISO 9001:2015, all domestic and international standards are complied with and documented.

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